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Welcome To Doudou

Explore our curated selection of heartwarming gifts specially designed for new moms and their precious newborns. Discover the perfect blend of love, care and thoughtfulness in every hamper - because every moment with a new baby deserves to be cherished.

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Our Latest Arrivals


Meet Joanne

The visionary founder behind Doudou with a heart full of passion for crafting lasting memories for new moms and their bundles of joy.


As a loving mother of two herself, she have filled her dedication to curating the perfect gifts that capture the essence of love, care and celebration. She knows firsthand the immense joy and happiness that thoughtful gifts can bring to new moms, having been on the receiving end of such cherished tokens of affection from her friends and family.

With Joanne's genuine enthusiasm for creating meaningful moments, she pours her heart into every hamper, ensuring that each gift embodies the warmth and care that every new mom and baby truly deserve.


Join us on this journey on love and celebration, as we bring Joanne's passion to life through our beautiful gift hampers.

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Happiness Vibes

A beautifully wrapped gift, brimming with love and care, nestled in your hands. The anticipation of unwrapping it, the joy that bubbles up, and the warmth of knowing someone has thoughtfully chosen this gift just for you and your little one - that's the happiness vibes we're taking about.

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Our Clients Say

The baby gift hamper I ordered was beautiful and well-received by my friend who just had a baby. I'll definitely be a repeat customer.

Ying, Petaling Jaya

Lets Work Together

Calling all influencers! We are thrilled to invite you to collaborate with us and create something special for your dedicated followers. When you partner with us, you'll have the opportunity to engage your audience and offer them an exclusive referral discount on our products. 

It's a win-win situation! Your followers get to enjoy fantastic products at a special rate, and you get to share something wonderful with them. Let's spread the love, create memorable experiences, and build lasting partnerships. Together, we can make every moment more magical.

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